A declaration of love to every mother in the world… A little book with 24 pages filled with heartfelt words.

The journey of pregnancy is both beautiful and very special. It is filled with moments of joy, new experiences and many changes. A woman’s body is really put through its paces – and for this she deserves deepest appreciation. This little book is written from the perspective of the baby as it talks to its mother from inside her womb, full of joyful anticipation of its coming life. Lovingly it thanks its mother for all she has given so far and continues to give.

Hello Mummy… a book that has moved countless readers to shed tears of joy. Are you ready for a journey into a world of deep-felt emotion? Then this book is perfect for you. Originally written for the author’s best friend who was going through a difficult pregnancy, its aim was to give her newfound strength and convey appreciation through words of love from her own child, thanking her for these 10 months of devoted care, the start of motherhood. It soon became evident that this book holds a message for many, many mothers – of babies and older children… because EVERY mother is SO precious.

Have you received an invitation and are looking for a gift for the host? Or are you, yourself, expecting a baby and want to announce the wonderful news of your pregnancy? Do you have the best mum or the best friend in the world and would like to give them a special gift from the heart? Or are you an expectant father? If so, this book is the ideal gift for the mother-to-be and woman at your side. Make a special present - during pregnancy, following the birth or even years later. In a world full of wonderful books, this enchanting gift in the style of a children’s book is one that deserves a place on every bookshelf.

From baby to mother, from the heart, as a little thank you for all the hard work that a pregnancy entails.